• Were you recently arrested for DUI?
  • Are you wondering “Will I have to go to jail?”
  • Are you wondering “How long you will I lose my license?”
  • Are you thinking “What do I do now?”
  • Will my arrest be made public?

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Pittsburgh DUI Defense Attorney Bill Smith will explain Pennsylvania’s DUI Laws and what are the penalties you could possibly be facing

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You need to Act Now so this DUI Charge won’t affect the rest of your life. Don’t delay.

A DUI Arrest doesn’t have to mean you’ll get convicted.

There is an abundance of legal issues which need to be raised in your defense by a professional Pittsburgh DUI Lawyer in order to be found innocent of the charges. See the Top Ten Ways to Beat a Pittsburgh DUI Charge) Every DUI case is different, so you can’t treat them all the same.  You need an experienced DUI attorney who will represent you in the best way possible and fight for you against your Pittsburgh DUI charges.  and must be evaluated on its own facts by an experienced Pittsburgh DUI Attorney.


1.You need someone to keep you out of jail.

2.Your probation period could end up being twice s long.

3.You risk losing your license for a long period of time.

4. You could be found guilty of the charge when you could have beaten it.

5.You risk paying a fortune in fines and penalties.

Pittsburgh DUI Defense Lawyer Bob Smith has spent years as a prosecutor in Pennsylvania and has spent the last 5 years fighting DUI cases exclusively. You can rest assured knowing that you have the very best and most experienced DUI attorney in Pittsburgh fighting for you every step of the way.  My team and I will use our skills and knowledge of Pennsylvania’s DUI Laws in addition to our comprehensive knowledge of the Criminal Justice System to be 100% confident that none of these things happen to you.